Monday, March 28, 2011

3.27.11 and 3.28.11

I arrived on the island yesterday about 1:00. By 3:00, I had already been to the grocery store, checked in at the hotel, eaten fresh watermelon, and picked up 4 hitch hikers on the way to the beach. Spent the afternoon at Tabyana beach. Ate dinner and watch firedancers and crab races on the beach. Last night after all our beach fun, a volunteer at the clinic drove us home. (Mom, don’t read this:) We rode in the back of the truck, down Honduran roads at break neck speeds back to the hotel. On our way back home, the girls who are volunteering at the clinic pointed out the “crack house” to me. I was so glad they did. Then went home, took a cold shower, and went to bed. Not a bad first day!
Clinic started this morning at 7:30. Patients were lined up at the door at 6:00 this morning waiting in line. We had already reached our maximum amount and capped by 8:30. We saw about 46 patients today between 3 doctors and 2 volunteer PAs. I worked mainly in the pharmacy today, and shadows a few of the doctors. Tomorrow I will hopefully be seeing my own patients. This afternoon we went down to West End to look around. Then ate dinner at this amazing place called “Wet Spot.” We were the only people there - gave new meaning to “made to order.” We just told the cook what we wanted when we walked in and he made it for us!
I am so excited to be here, and am anxious to see what all I learn, but I am really missing my husband pretty bad. Please pray for me that I will have strength to do what I’m here to do.

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