Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween.

We had our first halloween at our new house tonight! We had soooo many precious kiddos! We even ran out of candy and Jake had to make a candy run! :) We just sat out on the porch and enjoyed watching the trick-or-treating! Here are some pics from the night and a few of me on halloween's past!

He is so good at carving punkins!

Our little Rasta Man (dreds and wig compliments of my momma!)

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went home this weekend, and had a blast. We were able to see most of our parents and grandparents, and it was just so nice to relax in the country and spend time with family. On Saturday night, we decided to grill hamburgers using this special recipe from here. And was it good! Then I made these cupcakes. yummy. Then we realized as we were about to eat dessert that today is my "gotcha day!" See.. I'm adopted.. by my dad. You can read a little more about it here. October 30, 1996 was the day he adopted me, and in the adopted world that day is celebrated as the "gotcha day" because it was the "day I got you." So my dad and I blew out some impromptu candles and celebrated one of the best things that ever happened to me! Oh, and I have really been wanting a copy of this picture of my dad and I from when I was a kid so we rummaged through old photos last night for about two hours. Total nostalgia. I'm gonna start "Flashback Friday" here on the blog for the next few months to feature some of the treasures I found!
Here are a few pictures of our weekend! Happy gotcha day to me!
My pretty horse, Lady.

Cutie pie.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


How come no matter where in the world I ever live, how many houses we buy in different cities, or what places we actually make our "home," I always call my parent's city my "home?" Whatever the reason, I love it there. I look forward to going home. It's slower paced, and you're bound to run into no less than a dozen people you know at the grocery store or gas station. It's a little one stoplight town, full of green pastures, pretty trees and backroads. We're going home this weekend, and I'm looking forward to it! Here are some pictures of fall in East Texas last year.

Antique shopping with my mom and nana last year! We obviously had fun!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bad day.

really bad day. glad i get to come home to


and especially this...


Monday, October 24, 2011

world series 2011. {game 4}

This was seriously the most incredible experience. I would've paid double what we paid for those tickets. The atmosphere was amazing, the game was awesome. Love Zooey, George, Nolan, and the RANGERS! What a night!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

world series.

Guess what I did with my first paycheck? That's right... 2 tickets to game 4 of the world series! Let  me just take a moment to brag on my husband. He has supported us and spoiled me for the last 4 years. He has put me through school. He has bought us 2 homes (not at the same time!), a car, vacations. I'm not saying that these material things are all that makes us happy, but he does not have to do those things. I haven't had to work at all since we got married, and now that  I'm done with school and have a "real job" I wanted to do something to spoil him. He is the hardest worker I've ever seen. So I surprised him with tickets! TO GAME 4! They better win...


Saturday, October 22, 2011

mail + goodies.

I love getting mail. Not everyday mail. More like a letter from friends/family, cards, invitations to weddings, baby showers, birthday parties. When I was in college my mom used to send me letters all the time. They were usually stick figure drawings, or sketches she made of the dogs. And they were usually hilarious! I just really look forward to getting little goodies like that. And maybe that's part of the reason I signed up for this.

Another fact about me: I'm a sucker for beauty products. Not that I really think they are gonna work like they say. Just  because it's so fun to try to new stuff. The only problem: I'm allergic to A LOT of stuff. So usually I end up buying something and either: 1. it doesn't do what it says it will. 2. the color is all wrong. or 3. I'm allergic. Either way, I end up either keeping it stashed away in a drawer somewhere, or I take it back. Another thing about makeup: I don't really like to look like I have any on. Which is tricky when you actually do have some on. So I'm forever trying to find ways to achieve this look (translation: I could probably spend a lot of money on this stuff).

So when I found this, I could not pass it up. For $10 a month, you get beauty products mailed to your door! How fun is that? They are high end beauty products and stuff I would probably never buy myself! But, you can try them out, see if you like them, and then only buy the stuff that actually works for you! Can you say best.invention.ever? Yea.. so here's a little look at what arrived at my door last week.
This arrives in a pink box at your door!

Cute little card, and on the back it tells you what products are included, their price (full sized), and how to use them!

Face primer, hair oil, sweater detergent, plumping lip gloss, face mask.

Pretty fun, huh? Have a happy weekend!


Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm sure any of you who know me know how I feel about adoption. It is something that I have always had a heart for. I'm not sure when I first realized the Lord had put a desire in me to have a child from another country, a child who looked nothing like me or their dad. I'm pretty sure I was in middle school, maybe even before. I just never remember a time that I didn't think adoption would be part of my life. Actually when Jacob and I were dating, this was actually a deal-breaker for me. One night we were eating dinner and I just started crying. Of course he was like... oh no, here we go. But I just had this issue on my heart. We had been dating seriously for a while and were talking about engagement. I just wanted to know where he stood. So I told him my heart for adoption and missions and really just told him that if this wasn't something he was on board with, we weren't going to work out. Obviously, he told me I was crazy and that he already knew where my heart was (or why else would he still be with me). And that he wanted those things too. We have gone back and forth over whether we want to try to have a child first, or adopt first. We haven't settled this decision, but we know eventually we will be headed overseas to pick up our child.

And this is why I wanted to tell you guys about this amazing family. They are leaving in less than 3 days to go to the Congo to pick up their two adorable, precious babies. Casey has the most beautiful heart for adoption, and I wanted you to take a peek at her blog, and donate if you can. They have almost reached their financial goal, but need just a little more. If adoption tugs at your heart at all, please give. She has this amazing fundraiser going on her blog. Every month she does  a "Best of Basket" where she features her favorite things. For every $5 you donate, your name goes in a drawing to win these incredible items! Seriously, I kind of don't want to tell you the website just so I have a better chance of winning this "Best of Bundle Up Basket." I'm kidding... but I do want to win! It's such good stuff! So go check out her site, pray for her family, and give if you can!

Jacob and I in Belize with some adorable children that we would've brought home in a heartbeat. (2006)


Friday, October 14, 2011


Tonight as we were having our Friday night pizza and a movie ritual, my husband grabbed my hand and just said “I would love to marry you all over again.” Sweetest words. I’m not sure I could think of anything I would rather hear more than for the person I love to say after almost 5 years that he would still  choose to be with me all over again. Especially after how I act sometimes. I know I’m not always the most pleasant person to live with. But that comment, that reassurance, and that love sure does make me want to try my hardest. I'm blessed.


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Even the puppies are pooped! 
Here at our house we are so ready for the weekend!
No plans.. just how we like it!
T.G.I. (almost) F!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Wash your hands and say your prayers cause Jesus and germs are everywhere."

Yep. EVERYWHERE. Especially clinic. I can't believe I only lasted 1 week before I got sick. I had the stomach bug, and fortunately mine was only 2 days. You know when you're so sick your hair hurts? You're so sick that walking to the bedroom from the couch feels like you ran a marathon? When you sit on the floor to dry your hair because standing up is too much work. When you can't even answer a question your husband asks because breathing seems like all your body can handle? Yea, that's where I was yesterday. I learned two things the last couple days:

1. You can do anything you put your mind to. That even includes sitting through an 8 hour orientation feeling like you will vomit the whole time.
2. Phenergan knocks you out. Completely. For more than just 6 hours.. well into the next day.

I am so thankful I feel better today! And I'm so thankful my orientation was scheduled for these last 2 days and I didn't have to see patients feeling so horrible! Maybe I got sick just to remind me to be more caring toward my patients who don't feel well. I think it worked. 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

how pinteresting...

Confession: I’m addicted to pinterest. There, now that that’s out of the way.. I wanted to show you a few things I've done that were pinterest inspired! I'll be doing a "how pinteresting" post every now and then!  Take a look!


This didn't turn out quite as good as my inspiration. But it's just olive oil in a mason jar with your picture. Inspiration from here.

Sugar Scrub. It's magnificent. I don't even have to put on lotion after I use it. And it's relatively cheap to make! Inspiration from here.

Book page (old hymnal) Christmas tree ornaments. Inspiration taken from here.

Old picture frame with wires and mini clothes pins. Inspiration from here.

My print on canvas. Inspiration taken from here and here.

Inspiration for this outdoor wreath came from here.

Inspiration for the indoor one came from here and here. 
Mason Jar light. My mother in law gave me this mason jar with a hole already drilled in the top. So I found this inspiration and Jacob made it happen!

Aavacado lime pasta salad. Really great side dish for baked chicken on a hot day! (not my photo. taken from here).

Broccoli Cheese Chicken Crock Pot Meal. Great, easy Sunday afternoon comfort food. (not my photo. taken from here).

Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites. These were just ok. (not my photo. taken from here).

Ok seriously.. I'm a cupcake snob and these are THE BEST. Recipe makes a wonderful cake, too! :) (not my photo. taken from here)

Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. So easy. and sooo good! I really liked this. Husband didn't love it, but said he would eat it again. (not my photo. taken from here).

Lavash Flatbread Pizza. Another one of skinnytaste amazing creations! I really liked this! A light alternative to pizza!  (not my photo. taken from here).

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies. Very yummy! Tastes like a milkshake to me! (not my photo. taken from here).

Roasted Chicken and Veggies. Another super easy, healthy, yummy meal! Loved it. And had husband's stamp of approval. Bonus! (not my photo. taken from here).

Stuffed Squash. It's definitely different, but I liked it. Jacob.. not so much. He said he would prefer to never have it on his plate again! (not  my photo. taken from here).

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala. YUMMO. This was delish. It was pretty involved and took a lot of time to make. But leftovers were really good too! (not  my photo. taken from here).
See, I've been a busy little bee! :) But seriously, pinterest is such a great invention! It has allowed me to be more creative with my dinner menu and my crafting/home decor! Now if only I had more time/money!