Tuesday, August 30, 2011

big girl panties

from pinterest

Do you ever have one of these days? Well… this was my day. I think it started the moment my feet hit the floor. I was whiny because my boot camp class at the gym required too much shoulder work (and my shoulder is injured), then I was pouty because I had to go grocery shopping. Then my hubby and I had a topic that we couldn’t agree on, and I was the ultimate baby.  He is always telling me to “be a big girl.” And I know he’s right, but some days I just can’t find my big girl panties. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better – for his sake. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

Unexpected Design:: My Bathroom Chandelier

Is anything  more unexpected than a chandelier in the bathroom? Yea, I didn't think so either. Which is why I absolutely fell in love with this idea the moment I saw it. I took the hubby to a bed and breakfast a couple years ago for his birthday, and when I walked into the bathroom and saw the gorgeous lilac ceiling, claw foot tub, white bead board walls, and a crystal chandelier, I was smitten. I vowed to myself then and there that I would always put statement pieces in unexpected places. Truth be told, I think I actually chose that room after seeing pictures of the bathroom on their website! :) We bought a house a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to put a chandelier in our bathroom! Last night my hubby was kind enough to put it up for me, and I AM LOVING IT. I had to share some pictures!

What do you think?


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hi! I’m Lacy. I have been thinking of starting a blog for a really long time now. But then I thought, what would I have to say that anyone  really cares to read? There are so many blogs out there, why would mine be any different? Sure, I feel  like what I have to say is important, but doesn’t everyone? I thought, ‘maybe I’ll wait until we have babies one day. Then someone will care.’ That way it would give me an excuse to write – in the name of “keeping people updated with my children.”  And then it hit me. It doesn’t really matter if anyone wants to read, or even if they think what I say is semi-important. What matters is that I want to  do it! Plus, my husband already told me he would read it. :)

I blogged for a month while I was doing a medical mission in Honduras, and realized how much it really made me learn about myself. My mom would email me while I was there and tell me someone else read my blog and really liked It, or even were inspired by it. This was so bizarre to me. For fear of sounding nerdy, I guess I’ve never admitted that I really liked to write. But I do. I’ve realized this over a long time. For instance, I find myself able to express in a letter all the things I want to say to my husband but can’t.  Sometimes it's hard for me to know how I really feel about my own thoughts on something until I write them down. So I thought this might be a good way for me to do just that!

{A  little more about me} I'm a wife to an amazing husband and "momma" to our cutie patootie puppies. In my real job I'm a physician assistant, but in my spare time I'm an interior designer, aspiring cook, and lover of photography. I am happiest on the lake or at the ocean in the summertime, doing medical missions overseas, in the living room with a fire + a good book at Christmas, or donning boots & a scarf and sipping hot chocolate in the fall. This blog is a way for me to share my little part of the world with you.  So, thanks for reading. I can’t promise to be important, but I promise to be honest. And to be simply Lace.