Monday, April 2, 2012

back in roatan.

So, I'm back in Roatan, Honduras. I've been here for about 4 days. My friend asked me if I was going to blog, and to be honest I hadn't thought about it until she brought it up! But.. I guess I should. I am always glad that I'm able to go back and read all the things I forgot somewhere down the road.

Recap of the last 4 days: 
Thursday: arrived on the island.
Friday: clinic all day, then went to West End for a going away dinner for one of the volunteers at Rotisserie
Saturday: rode in the back of a truck for about 2 hours (1 hr on paved road, and about the same on a dirt road) to a beach house. I wish I could tell you who it belonged to, but I'm not sure any of us actually knew! :) That's kind of Roatan for you.. anyway it was obviously someone with money. It was an amazing house on what was quite literally a private beach. Gorgeous. I lathered on the SPF, but it did me no good. I am currently friend. Aloe and cold towels have been my best friends the last couple days. 
Sunday: went to church at Rchurch on the island, and then spent the day at West Bay.
Today: clinic all day. And one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. I saw a patient today who came in for a med refill but I found out she really needed so much more. She was a widow. Her children live in the states. Her husband was killed by Honduran police over a car. He bought a car in the states and when he got it back here, they took it from him. He fought ot have his car back, even getting the embassy involved. Long story short, this eventually led to the police killing him. This has been several years ago, but she is still so shaken up by it she cannot sleep. I got the opportunity to pray with her. She told me that God has been her strength and without her faith she would not have survived this tragedy. She went on to tell me that the government here is so corrupt and there is really no "law." She was so precious, and has such a wonderful heart. If  you think about her, will you please pray for her? That she would have peace and God would give her strength to support herself. And that he would also give her rest. 


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