Monday, December 10, 2012

maternity must-haves (so far) {week 21}

I am by no means a pregnancy expert, but here are my absolute must-haves for the first half of pregnancy! And I could actually live without all of them but #7.

1.  aiden and anais mum and bub lotion
This lotion is amazing! Not greasy, lightweight, and one of the only perfume scents that doesn't make me sick! 

2.  old navy maternity jeans
My go-to jeans. Comfy and hard to tell they're maternity if you can't see the top! Perfect with boots for fall.

3.  jeggings and leggings (dont judge)
they don't squeeze your belly, and i feel like i'm wearing pj's all the time! 

4.  big sweaters
an obvious must - especially when you're in that "i just look like i am hiding the evidence of too many donuts and not a baby" phase

5.  heating pad
purchased this only last week and wish i would've had it much sooner. my back gets pretty tired after a 12 hour shift at work, and this definitely does the trick!

6. a bathroom within 50 feet
Because honestly, between vomiting and peeing every 5 minutes, it really comes in handy

7.  a good husband
this one is absolutely key. he's my best friend, my love, my sanity. he already has all the amazing qualities a daddy should have. he holds my hair back when i vomit, encourages me when i'm down, and tells me what a great mom i'm going to be when i'm scared to death i won't know what i'm doing. i'm not sure where me or baby e would be without him. 

what i'm craving
starburst candy 
cuties oranges
italian food


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