Thursday, April 4, 2013

holding out + a few thoughts on life lately

I am now 37.5 weeks, but behind on pictures as usual. In the past week we have managed to avoid being induced 3 times and have successfully {almost completely} moved into our new home. To say we have been busy and stressed is a huge understatement. I assume everyone "nests" in preparation for their little one, but oh-my-goodness is that instinct kicked into major overdrive when you're trying to move your entire life into a new home. Luckily we have family in the world and were able to get so much done with their help. 

My blood pressure has started to go up a little (mainly just at the doctor's office because I'm a horrible patient - I'm not used to being on the other end of medicine). He wanted to induce me last wednesday and I didn't want to. So he let me monitor my pressure closely and call him on Friday at which point he wanted to induce if it hadn't come down - luckily it had. We moved Thursday and Friday and have been unpacking boxes and organizing things since then. Monday we had another appointment and he wanted to induce again, I declined. My only other options were to leave AMA, or to see a perinatologist. We chose the specialist who was fantastic. He wasn't too concerned, admitted me to L&D for 2 hours to monitor my pressures which were all good, and sent me home. Today we had another appointment that went relatively well. The baby is in a good position for delivery, I've started dilating and thinning out, and I'm having regular contractions. We are praying I go into labor before our scheduled induction on Tuesday morning. 

God always provides for us. I know this to be true. For some reason I let myself question this and doubt in times like these when I have a "perfect plan" for the way things are supposed to be. In my head we were supposed to be in our house, have plenty of time to spend together in a real home before the baby arrived. In my plan my baby would be born by natural labor without induction, and I would have no health concerns. In reality we barely got into our home, we have barely escaped 3 inductions, and I have had a host of medical issues since being pregnant including 3 cases of strep throat, the flu, 2 upper respiratory infections, 6 kidney stones + a hospital stay, pneumonia, and 2 cracked ribs. But I have a really healthy baby who appears to be growing normally and is almost ready to enter this world. And as much as I'd love to plan our life out, I know that all that matters is that God really does always provide, I have a husband who would literally die for me, and a family who loves us more than we will ever know. I think we are probably pretty blessed.

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