Sunday, July 1, 2012

weekend + recipes

We had a super fun weekend! I was happy to be off work and Jacob was home - those two things don't happen together often enough! Friday night we went to see Brave - so cute. Saturday we hung out by the pool and made cherry margaritas (recipe via They are the perfect poolside or beachside drink! Saturday night we celebrated my Papa's 76th birthday! If you know me at all, you know that he is one of my favorite people ever. I am honestly the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call him my papa. He's just one of those men that would do anything for anyone, anytime. He loves my Nana and our family so well. He is such an example of what a true husband, father and friend should be.
Nana bought papa some sunglasses for his birthday. Here's how it went down.
Nana: "Dad, put them on so we can see how they look."
Papa: "Well I'm sure I make them look reaaaaally good." 

I made some Texas Slaw (recipe here) and it is soooo good. Seriously, it's a crowd pleaser. I guarantee you even your coleslaw-hating friends will be begging for seconds. It's a fantastic cook-out side dish!
I also made peach cupcakes (recipe here). They are phenomenal. My hubby, who isn't a big sweets fan, approves and said he would like to have them again! And I actually have to say that he helped me and ended up doing most of the work on these!

Today we tried out a new church. It's actually our 9th church to try since moving back. To say it has been a struggle to find somewhere that we feel we belong would be an understatement. But this morning we went to a church we both could actually see ourselves at. This afternoon we went to the lake and went fishin. Then tonight we came home and Jacob grilled some hamburger wraps (recipe here - not sure what I'd do without pinterest!).
No fishing/lake trip is complete without pigskins and peanuts-n-diet DP (my nana taught me that trick)!

Hope you had a happy weekend! 

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