Wednesday, December 14, 2011

come home Jake.

I'm not myself when my husband's gone.
I forget to take out the trash (cause he usually does that).
I don't cook. Lean cuisines and smart ones become my only form of sustenance.
I can't get up on time - even though he usually has no effect on that at all since he leaves by 4:00 am every day.
I can't bring myself to pick up the dead bug on the floor of our living room, so I guess it has to stay there until Friday, and bugs don't usually even phase me.
I watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV. What?
I wake up about 20 times during the night.
I don't see a point in even turning the lights on the Christmas tree on.. because I feel like it's a waste when I'm the only one in the room.
I get on pinterest - a lot.

It's hard to imagine we had to spend an entire year of our marriage apart because of my school and his job. It's a wonder I survived, since obviously I turn into a sloth when he leaves.

Photos by the lovely and talented, Casey Chappell


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