Tuesday, December 13, 2011

somewhere beautiful.

                It seems like round here, no one knows..
                                 No one knows that there’s more
      Beyond these dead skies and all these filthy streets
                      Take my hand and let me pull you
                                                   Out of the blindness of your weary soul
                                                           To somewhere beautiful
-Sean McConnell

This is one of my absolute favorite songs. Actually I love this whole album "Saints, Thieves, & Liars." But I really love the lyrics of this song. I wonder how many times God thinks "come on, just take my hand and let me pull you out of the blindness of your soul to somewhere beautiful." If only we would let him. The song goes on to say:

Is there any way to learn
         from what you’ve been told
Or do you really have to hold the experience?
                   Cause you could heed me now,and come out clean
                             Trust me, I could spare you the consequence
                             I can tell by your eyes,
                                         there ain’t no getting through
                         Cause you’re hell bent on doing exactly
                                           what you’ve gotta do
                                     So welcome to a long line of sinners and saints
                                                     Is there anyone around here who ain’t?

Or what about this? How many times do I wish I could've learned from what I'd been told- what I read in His word- and spared my consequences. I just love the reminder that God really does want to lead us somewhere beautiful if we let Him. 



  1. So beautiful together with the pictures... just a lovely post today, makes one swoon!

  2. thank you for the sweet comment! and I should mention- these photos were taken by the beautiful and talented Casey Chappell!