Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last night I baked the most yummy dessert. And it's healthy. I had to share! I got this recipe here. I love this website more than words can express. Seriously, I have made a dish from here every night for the last month - and none of them were a disappointment. The best part is, they are ALL healthy and weight watchers friendly. This gal even calculates the points for you.

As you may remember from my random post, I almost always have to have milk before I go to bed at night (exceptions include illness, being out of the country, and having dessert at a restaurant for dinner). And if you recall, I cannot drink milk without eating something - gross. So I usually have a little bite of peanut butter or a taste of something sweet. These are such a great alternative! These little cookies were  only 1 point a piece! And Jacob even liked them!

On another sweet note, I got some "just because" flowers the other day with this sweet card.

Happy Sweetest Day to you!

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  1. well lucky you ... those flowers are beautiful!