Sunday, October 9, 2011

how pinteresting...

Confession: I’m addicted to pinterest. There, now that that’s out of the way.. I wanted to show you a few things I've done that were pinterest inspired! I'll be doing a "how pinteresting" post every now and then!  Take a look!


This didn't turn out quite as good as my inspiration. But it's just olive oil in a mason jar with your picture. Inspiration from here.

Sugar Scrub. It's magnificent. I don't even have to put on lotion after I use it. And it's relatively cheap to make! Inspiration from here.

Book page (old hymnal) Christmas tree ornaments. Inspiration taken from here.

Old picture frame with wires and mini clothes pins. Inspiration from here.

My print on canvas. Inspiration taken from here and here.

Inspiration for this outdoor wreath came from here.

Inspiration for the indoor one came from here and here. 
Mason Jar light. My mother in law gave me this mason jar with a hole already drilled in the top. So I found this inspiration and Jacob made it happen!

Aavacado lime pasta salad. Really great side dish for baked chicken on a hot day! (not my photo. taken from here).

Broccoli Cheese Chicken Crock Pot Meal. Great, easy Sunday afternoon comfort food. (not my photo. taken from here).

Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites. These were just ok. (not my photo. taken from here).

Ok seriously.. I'm a cupcake snob and these are THE BEST. Recipe makes a wonderful cake, too! :) (not my photo. taken from here)

Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. So easy. and sooo good! I really liked this. Husband didn't love it, but said he would eat it again. (not my photo. taken from here).

Lavash Flatbread Pizza. Another one of skinnytaste amazing creations! I really liked this! A light alternative to pizza!  (not my photo. taken from here).

Healthy Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies. Very yummy! Tastes like a milkshake to me! (not my photo. taken from here).

Roasted Chicken and Veggies. Another super easy, healthy, yummy meal! Loved it. And had husband's stamp of approval. Bonus! (not my photo. taken from here).

Stuffed Squash. It's definitely different, but I liked it. Jacob.. not so much. He said he would prefer to never have it on his plate again! (not  my photo. taken from here).

Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala. YUMMO. This was delish. It was pretty involved and took a lot of time to make. But leftovers were really good too! (not  my photo. taken from here).
See, I've been a busy little bee! :) But seriously, pinterest is such a great invention! It has allowed me to be more creative with my dinner menu and my crafting/home decor! Now if only I had more time/money!



  1. I'm loving the picture frame w/ wires. I saw that too and have been wanting to do it myself. I like your version. The paint on your frame, all chipped up and worn=LOVE!

  2. thank you! It's really easy! Just get some small screw eyes and loop the wire through. then just screw into the side of the picture frame at whatever spacing you choose! I found my picture frame at a discount home warehouse!