Saturday, October 1, 2011

garden day.

I start my new job on Monday! So to enjoy my last day of freedom, I decided to go to the botanical gardens and do a little bit of studying. I'm such a nerd. Fortunately, I didn't really study all that much, and ended up taking more pictures of the beautiful rose garden. Take a look!

Beautiful, huh? I think I may go back for a picnic on Sunday afternoon!



  1. beautiful pictures lacey!! what camera do you use?

  2. thank you! i use canon rebel t2i with an 18-35 mm lens. i also have a zoom but i hardly ever use it! i use a program called photoscape for editing! it's free and i LOVE it but i can only get it to download on my dell, it won't work on my mac! maybe i'll upgrade to photoshop one day!

  3. wow, these area all gorgeous! my favorite is the one with the sunflare--thanks for linking up, friend!