Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Wash your hands and say your prayers cause Jesus and germs are everywhere."

Yep. EVERYWHERE. Especially clinic. I can't believe I only lasted 1 week before I got sick. I had the stomach bug, and fortunately mine was only 2 days. You know when you're so sick your hair hurts? You're so sick that walking to the bedroom from the couch feels like you ran a marathon? When you sit on the floor to dry your hair because standing up is too much work. When you can't even answer a question your husband asks because breathing seems like all your body can handle? Yea, that's where I was yesterday. I learned two things the last couple days:

1. You can do anything you put your mind to. That even includes sitting through an 8 hour orientation feeling like you will vomit the whole time.
2. Phenergan knocks you out. Completely. For more than just 6 hours.. well into the next day.

I am so thankful I feel better today! And I'm so thankful my orientation was scheduled for these last 2 days and I didn't have to see patients feeling so horrible! Maybe I got sick just to remind me to be more caring toward my patients who don't feel well. I think it worked. 


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