Tuesday, November 22, 2011

around the house lately.

I planted a garden. Actually, I planted it twice. I was so proud of myself the first time until I realized it wouldn't get any sun. So I had to replant it. To my surprise, even after all that trauma, it GREW! Im so excited!
Also, randomly, we put a new driveway in today. I think jake is just as excited about new concrete as I am about my garden! Go us!

my tiny little green bean
tomato! i have 7 of these cuties!


  1. Great photos! You're lucky to have your garden grow! Ours wasn't very successful this year!

    Happy WW & Turkey Day to you & yours!


  2. i love your little garden! i should start a little garden, it is so adorable :)

    happy thanksgiving!


  3. Thank you girls! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!