Friday, November 25, 2011

flashback Friday + ornament craft

Christmas Craft
I found these ornaments on pinterest a while back and I just had to try them! They turned out wonderfully, and I intend to make another dozen before Christmas! All you need is some clear ornaments, old hymnal/dictionary/book paper, some mod podge, and glitter. Then I found these little tags at Hobby Lobby, and thought they were cute! I absolutely loved the finished product!
And now for the flashback friday photo {Christmas*Edition}:
This is my mom's favorite picture of me. Apparently it was my Christmas photo. Love it~



  1. What great ornaments! I think I might have to try some myself. Thanks for sharing. (visiting from follower fest)

  2. I am definitely making those ornaments! I love them!!!! I am also a new follower!

  3. They are really easy! You just have to use quite a bit of mod podge to make them stick.. but they will so don't give up! And then you sprinkle some glitter on top! The glitter looks kind of cloudy until it dries and then it's just perfect! And thank you for following! :)

  4. Lace- these are so beautiful! I love this idea!