Friday, November 4, 2011

flashback friday.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I found a ton of old photos at my parent's house last weekend and smuggled some home with me! I absolutely love looking at old pictures and remembering that special time. But I really, really love looking at ones I have no recollection of and having my family tell me about that picture. So, my mom and I went through bags, boxes, and albums of pictures and were laughing until we cried. I am going to be posting some of my favorites - one a week- for the next few months!

I have to start with this one. I have always been a water baby. In fact, most of my favorite photos (and memories) are me in the ocean, pool, or bathtub. So here's my first flashback friday photo!

On another note, I'm so glad it's Friday. My plans for the weekend: a whole lotta nothin. Tonight it's pajamas, pizza, and Water for Elephants. Wanna know a secret? I've been counting down the days until this movie was released. I love it! Jacob brought it home with him tonight, and I can't wait to watch it...again!

Happy weekend,

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