Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This dinner was so yummy, I thought I'd share some recipes! I have made this before, and it is really the perfect combination! The perfect comfort food.. and for only about 13 weight watchers points! Even better! I will warn you that this is a little work, and you will probably end up with a messy kitchen! :)
I had a little friend watching me cook through my window... He kept me company.
Green beans (canned), a couple slices of salt pork, worcestershire sauce, and pepper.

Oven "fried" chicken (I used chicken tenders instead of drumsticks)- recipe

Macaroni & Cheese lightened up - recipe

My little friend
And because my dad is coming over tonight, I wanted the house to smell good! So I found this and decided to try it! Boil orange peels with cinnamon! It smell delicious!



  1. {mouth watering} as we speak! Everything looks so yummy! Gotta love comfort food! New follower to your blog by way of the Wiegands. Enjoy your weekend :D

  2. Thanks Chandra! I'm glad you found my blog!! :)