Friday, April 1, 2011


I am currently sitting in the basement of the nurse’s apartment (on the beach) with 4 volunteers from Canada, South Dakota, Oregon, and Switzerland listening to Lady Antebellum. And every one of us knows the words. Just weird to me. Not only am I learning about the Honduran culture, but also the Swiss and Canadian cultures. :)Every night my roommate and I can find some cultural difference to laugh about. Last night it was me trying to convert gallons to liters so that she could understand how much water I was talking about. I was trying to explain the conversion from ounces, cups, pint, gallon.. etc. She said that was too confusing and we should just use multiples of 10 like they do. The other day I told her Jacob was 6′6″ and I got no reaction. So I had to convert to meters and she said he was the tallest person she’d ever heard of. It’s just funny that we can both speak English, but it feels like we are speaking different languages. Also, she says “rubbish.” Think I’m gonna adopt this one.
Today we had A TON of people in clinic. I saw all my own patients, most were spanish speaking. I adjusted several medications for people, and even managed a CHF patient today. Then I had a Spanish only 21 yo female who came in with menstrual irregularity. It had never been regular and she wanted help. I was going to put her on birth control to regulate, but was going to check a pregnancy test first. She had tried to get pregnant in the past but couldn’t. It was positive. So… I got to tell a girl IN SPANISH that she was pregnant! It was very fun. I think I am getting better at educating patients here. At first I could barely get a good history without using my translation book, but now I’m able to explain medication and educate in spanish. I hope it only continues to get better! But I seriously thank God every day for my “spanish for medical professionals book.” I would not make it 1 second without it.
Tomorrow I get to watch dolphins in the morning, and then go to a concert at the cruise ship dock in the afternoon. Should be a good day! :)Thank you everyone for your prayers. It is definitely getting easier here, and I am convinced it is the Lord that is comforting me and giving me knowledge that is definitely not of me.

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