Saturday, April 16, 2011


SURPRISE! So you know how sometimes ignorance is bliss? Well I promised my mom and jake that I would not do this. They were so worried about me being here by myself. In my defense, I really didn’t intend on doing it, but then I gave in. And instead of telling them and letting them worry, I just did it and waited to tell them after it was over….  But Dad, you’re gonna be SO proud of  your girl! I’m PADI (SCUBA) CERTIFIED!!!  The past 2 weeks I have been going to classes and doing my dives to get certified. I have kind of just been saying “I went swimming today” instead of “I went diving today.” So, sorry mom and jake.. don’t be mad! I was just doing you a favor by not making you worry k? Dad, we will have to go diving together sometime soon!!!!!
It is so incredible to see all the stuff under water! It’s like swimming in a GINORMOUS aquarium. It blows my mind that God made so much detail at the bottom of the ocean where hardly anyone will ever see it! Also, I really love that some of the coral looks like lungs, and some of it looks like brains! Seriously!
It has been over 3 weeks since I have turned on a hair dryer, put make up on, or really “gotten dressed..” and I. love. It. It’s so nice that this way of life is the norm here! J Going to the beach the rest of the day then going out to have a “goodbye party” for one of the volunteers tonight.


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