Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Clinic all day today - it was kind of a chaotic day for some reason! :)Then went for a swim for a while. Took a “back of the truck ride” with the other volunteers to a Thai food place on the beach. Very fun! Now we are all sitting around listening to beach boys and sending emails and blogging! :)
The stars are SO beautiful here, so last night we took some ice cream down to the dock and listened to Jack Johnson while we looked at the stars. It was so perfect!! Just wish Jake was here with me!
One of our volunteers was attacked by dogs yesterday. Completely tore her leg up. She had to fly back to the states today to get a rabies vaccine. So crazy. Keep her in your prayers if you think about it. She’s such a trooper - and has had a great attitude!
Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers!

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