Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday I had clinic, then went to some butterfly gardens where I got to hold a parrot. Then we went to a potluck dinner at some of our friend’s houses. They are teachers at the school here in French Harbor, and we also go to church with them. They are so sweet, and it is so much fun to get together with a big group of people here! Then we also played apples to apples.
Today we had clinic all day! It was really a busy day. There are a lot of doctors volunteering here now and not many exam rooms, so sometimes I have to see my patients in random rooms without exam tables.. but it works ok! This afternoon I tutored/played scrabble with a little boy at the alternative school. Then I came home and tutored another girl for her SATs.
I have this book that I’ve been reading full of devotional classics. I ran across this the other day from an author named Hannah Whitall Smith (circa 1900). She wrote a piece titled “Recovering the Joy of Service.” In it she makes this statement:  “What have we to do with thinking whether we are fit or not fit for service? The Master-workman surely has a right to use any tool He pleases for His own work, and it is plainly not the business of the tool to decide whether it is the right one to be used or not. He knows; and if He chooses to use us, of course we must be fit. And in truth, if we only knew it, our chief fitness is in our utter helplessness. His strength is made perfect, not in our strength, but in our weakness. Our strength is only a hindrance.” How comforting this is to me. Not only with me being here, and feeling like I’m in a whole other world. But, also as I look for a job and start a new chapter in my life. It is so wonderful to know that HE CHOSE ME for this work. He chose me, and He knows what I’m capable of. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because His strength is made perfect in my weakness. It is so true that when we are weak He is strong. There are days when I feel very weak here. I can’t speak enough Spanish.. don’t know enough medicine.. don’t know how to cure everyone who walks in the door.. don’t have resources… miss my family. The list could go on. There will be many many days when I feel very weak in my new job. But, Praise be to the One whose strength is made perfect in my weakness.

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